Best Canadian IPTV servers to watch TV online

Television has been the primary source of home entertainment since the technology was commercialized more than five decades ago. Since then, new technologies and the content broadcast by TV channels have constantly improved home entertainment.

With the increased availability of broadband Internet, traditional methods of broadcasting television programs such as satellite or cable are gradually being replaced by Internet connectivity. The most recent system is called IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) which is a communication technology that allows digital television programs to be broadcast over an Internet connection. From a situation where you were a spectator you become an actor by choosing for yourself what you want to watch.

IPTV Express ( servers are located in both Switzerland. And we have low ping time to all Canadian countries. Low ping time is important for a smoother movie experience and faster channel changes. Our servers have 99.5% uptime. Your free trial account is created instantly and you can start watching our channels now. Yes, all our payment methods are 100% anonymous. We have secure Swish and Bitcoin payment methods. Of course, we recommend that you pay with either Swish or Bitcoin. Payments via Paypal and Visa are not as secure as Swish or Bitcoin. Good guide that shows how to pay with Bitcoin. On our website, we do not save IP addresses and we do not require you to enter your full address. You are completely anonymous if you pay via Swish or Bitcoin.

Streams for Us ( Canadian IPTV provider and our goal is to offer Canadian IPTV channels of the highest quality.
In addition, we are the only IPTV provider to offer 4K movie packages. Best American supplier of premium channels, HD, FHD and 4K channels, High quality channels from 20 countries, 2000 HD channels, 4000 VOD with subtitles, EPG, Catchup, Timeshift, Servers in Switzerland with low ping time to the USA, No buffering or lagging, 100% anonymous payment methods

Top Dog IPTV ( offer channels from all over the world with a special focus on the Canadian market’s offerings. Our channel service includes all the most popular channels in FHD with virtually 100% uptime. Our VOD range is updated several times a week with the latest titles. Of course with subtitles!

KS Hosting ( allows you to Pay securely and with 100% anonymity, Smart IPTV Samsung 24 / 7 support, we provide 24/7 support. FHD 4K IPTV Channels FHD & 4K, We also offer 4K channels.

Ping IPTV ( has High quality channels in the USA Norway Denmark High quality channels, We focus on quality before quantity. Channels from all over Europe Server Channels from all over Europe, In addition to American channels, we also offer channels from all European countries.

IPTV Hut ( American VOD supplier VOD, We are the only provider with 4K VOD (movies and series). Servers abroad Best American SubscriptionServers abroad, Our servers are located in Switzerland, and have low ping time to the Canadians.

American IPTV Subscription – Reviews Anonymous IPTV service, Our servers are located in Switzerland, and have low ping time to the Canadians. Our servers are abroad, We do not save logs, Anonymous payment methods, American IPTV channels with text subtitles EPG & catchup

Bomba TV ( channel packages include, EPG (7 days), Catchup TV (7 days), Timeshift (7 days), American subtitles text on Viasat channels American subtitles, Access to subtitles in all our American channels and VOD. Yes, we offer better channel quality. Other channel suppliers have 8000 channels with lower quality and a lot of freezing. We have 2000 channels with high quality and no freezes.